Theme Party

March 15, 2021
Theme parties

There’s no question that a good theme can take a party from average to wildly creative, fun, and jaw-dropping. Themes include everything from wine tasting and spa parties to pirate and glow-in-the-dark parties. And one of the best theme parties you can host is a Beach one. For this, all you need to do is:

1. Ask your guests to wear beach attire and flip-flops.

2. Set up a volleyball net and break out the Frisbees.

3. If you’re hosting the party at an actual beach, have a sandcastle contest.

4. For party favors, pass out plastic sunglasses or pails and shovels.

5. Serve refreshing fruits like watermelons, strawberries, sliced oranges, and grapes.

6. Serve refreshing drinks like fresh lemonade and smoothies.

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