Halloween Party

May 8, 2021
Halloween party

Halloween is considered a satanic holiday for many confessing Satanists, and for obvious reasons, as it is a day where demons, witches and devils are glorified.

Today, Halloween is a festival of fun for kids. An occasion to dress up as little monsters, ghosts or witches. Over time the custom of adults dressing up as demons changed and the children took over. As they went from house to house they would knock at each house and cry “trick or treat”.

 People would then give the children apples or buns and later candy to keep from being tricked.

Halloween is great time for a house party also. Everyone comes in costume and you provide the spooky decor to set the mood.

The main reason why Halloween is celebrated is because the kids have a blast dressing up and receiving candy for their wonderful costumes. Most adults think else wise.

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